Let's Dance! - ...with Jeanne Sharbuno
Want to have a ball on the dance floor?
Invite Certified Dance Instructor Jeanne Sharbuno to teach YOU how to Ballroom Dance!
Singles...you don’t need a partner. And dancing’s a great way to meet people.
Couples...you can dance together into your 90’s. 
Wedding Couples...dazzle your guests with a simple, fun, and memorable First Dance. 
Legendary dancer Fred Astaire says...
“Some people seem to feel that good dancers are born. Yet all the good dancers I’ve known have been taught or trained!”
Here's what Dance Lessons can bring you:
  • Loads of fun and confidence on any dance floor—weddings, night clubs, dance parties, competitions
  • Simple ways to master the basics of timing and rhythm
  • Quick-start techniques and fun, practical tips to ensure your dancing success
  • Expert instruction on the three basic styles of social ballroom dance—Smooth, Latin, and Swing
  • Fun and easy ways to fit exercise into your day to trim up, slim down, and even lose weight!
  • Social dance etiquette that makes your partner feel like a million bucks
  • Tips on how and where to buy the best-fit dance shoes for happy feet
  • Advancement into the exciting and glamorous world of competitive ballroom dancing
Let Jeanne Sharbuno teach you how to: 
· Master the romantic Waltz
· Foxtrot like Fred and Ginger
· Tango like there’s no tomorrow
· Get cheeky with the Cha-Cha
· Move to the sensuous Rumba
· Let loose with the East Coast Swing 
· Make the Mambo and Salsa look easy 
· And so much more...
       About Jeanne:
Jeanne Sharbuno began her ballroom dance career as an amateur ballroom dancer over 20 years ago. She competed Pro-Am and Amateur at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels in both American and International styles where she achieved Top Student recognition.
Since turning Professional in 2002, Jeanne has been teaching social and competitive dancing in the American Ballroom, Latin, and Swing styles. She's also successfully competed nationally at the Pro-Am American Smooth and American Rhythm levels.
Jeanne enthusiastically shares her passion and love  for social ballroom dance with her students. She believes we all have a dancer within us and that anyone can learn to dance. Yes…even those of you who are shy or think you have “two left feet!”
Ready to get started?
Contact Jeanne today for more details on private  lessons and group classes...
Sandy Springs, Georgia
See you on the dance floor!
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